AVA the Monster Slayer

“Ava the Monster Slayer; A Warrior Who Wears Glasses” was written by Lisa Maggiore, illustrated and designed by yours truly, helped on by our literary agent, Loretta Cavarette, and was published by Sky Pony Press and released Fall of 2015.

You can buy the book HERE!

Then, you can follow Ava the Monster Slayer on facebook for updates on the current monsters she is slaying!


I recently attended an illustrator visit at my old elementary school. It was fun to be back at the school where my passion for drawing got started.  I vividly remember drawing comic book heroes for friends in the library on rainy days when we couldn’t go outside.  It was great sharing my stories and insight into the process of making a children’s book.  The students were attentive, enthusiastic, and asked great questions! It’s a great age because they’re just getting started with reading, writing, and they all love to draw. Being able to show them the potential they do with those tools to tell a story is a pleasure to be apart of.  Thank you Forest Glen!

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